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Based on consumption, market trends, and current utility rate; Energetek crafts a rate exclusively for your business. We create customized energy options for electric and natural gas supply. Energetek represents you in the marketplace; delivering you measurable, hard dollar savings.


Manufacturers and religious entities qualify for certain tax incentives. We make sure those incentives are being taken advantage of. If they are not, Energetek will conduct up to a 4 year audit to return that money back to its rightful owner: our client. This service is on a contingency basis. 


Backed by State and Federal incentives and flexible finance options, solar continues to create a high ROI. We execute a “path to install”, configuring all aspects of your project. Our connections to different financiers and product enables customization of the system, guaranteed to fit your needs.

MBE Cert

We manage your energy risk by utilizing historical data, to help make your company’s next “power move”. 

“We wholeheartedly recommend Energetek if you are looking for someone to help guide you through the complex process of energy contract negotiation and renewal.” 

– Financial Controller, Nupro Industries Corp.

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We empower companies and nonprofits to take control of their monthly energy costs. With state deregulation in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York, commercial entities can choose their energy supplier. We deliver measurable, hard dollar savings for commercial energy consumers. Our goal is to “meet or beat” your natural gas or electric rate, providing protection from rate increases.  


Our utility audit is different from other energy audits you may conduct for your business or organization. For manufacturers, we look at your sales tax on the electric and natural gas bill. Although your utility company may know you manufacture, they are not looking into your exact operational setup. For religious entities, we make sure you are taking advantage of discounts every month. These discounts can add up, but making sure each religious organization is receiving them is not the utility company’s first priority. Thats where Energetek comes in. It is our job to understand your operations, location, energy use, and tax bracket. We get you refunded on these over-billings and monitor future statements. The best part of our process- only if and when we get you a refund do we share in the savings; you do not pay to conduct this service.


It’s more affordable than ever to go green while reducing or eliminating energy costs. Our team guides business owners and nonprofit organizations through the entire solar energy process from finance and equipment to permitting and installation. Now that’s improving your bottom line, for good!

Local Business

Small business doesn’t mean small decisions. At Energetek, we understand the importance of locally owned businesses and do what we can to lower their operational costs. We offer energy savings and specialized tax refunds to businesses and nonprofit organizations.

“As a controller, I previously shopped energy rates directly with only a few suppliers, never receiving an in-depth market view. Now, Energetek handles our energy procurement and ongoing analytics. I no longer have the time consuming task of shopping rates and I also know that when it’s contract renewal time, I can rely on them for the most competitive option.” 

– NT, manufacturing plant

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