Energetek’s mission is to use our expertise to provide custom and competitive business solutions for our clients.

We believe all businesses, no matter the size, should have the same luxury of customized energy solutions. Energetek strives to be the one stop, multi-functional partner, that offers clients the best of what’s on the market. We are here to build long-lasting personal relationships, educate on why our offer fits your needs, and manage overhead risk so you can focus on your business.

Benefits of Brokers

Energy procurement is more than just securing a lower price then your current utility company. Knowing when to buy, for how long, which deal is compatible to your usage, and the knowledge of past and future rates, are just some of the areas Energetek handles for you. Our team gives you back time; valuable time that is better spent on your own business and not on energy bids. Energetek represents your business in the energy marketplace, managing custom RFPs, and negotiating rates and terms to secure you the most competitive price. As a broker, our interest always aligns with our clients. Utilizing our expertise, market knowledge, and supplier relationships, enables you to save and controls risk. Lastly, being with a broker is automatic contract management. Energetek provides ongoing market analysis and oversees your energy when it’s time for renewal.

Women in Power

Energetek is minority and women-owned business on the path to make a mark in the energy world. The co-founders have the experience necessary to intelligently navigate the energy market, a strong belief that renewable energy is the future, and know what it takes to run a business.

Eva Gerrits and Kristin DeBias worked alongside each other for about three years before making the decision to own it themselves. Being familiar with the challenges women face in the business world but having the determination to push barriers, meant that becoming owners of Energetek was the perfect career move.


CEO & Co-founder

Central Jersey is where Eva calls home. Having her own money and carving out her own path has always been extremely important. Working in the restaurant industry through high school and college helped Eva to gain the confidence needed to work in sales, even though a career in sales was something she never saw herself doing. Eva is self-taught and solution-oriented. She doesn’t believe in missing out on opportunities which is why in 2009, she took a week work offer at a small-town Dutch bakery in Ootmarsum; because who else can say they did? She went on to graduate from Rutgers University with a degree in Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior. With a drive to lead and hunger for knowledge, Eva gained experience in the energy and environmental world by working with a solar then GIS company. In the 2 years leading up to the launch of Energetek, Eva was the VP of the commercial energy department at her previous company. Realizing her potential and aware of the constant roadblocks within her current employment, Eva and her then co-worker Kristin DeBias, decided to go into business together. Before Energetek, Eva never had that entrepreneurial dream but her experience, professional journey, and character led her to exactly where she is meant to be.

In her off time, Eva is a total foodie cheffing new recipes, hanging out with the animals on her family farm, and listening to or watching true crime shows.


President & Co-founder

Growing up in the small town of Collegeville, PA, Kristin spent most of her time dancing and playing field hockey. A foodie at heart, she worked in the restaurant industry throughout high school as a waitress. When it was time to attend college, she followed her passion and attended East Stroudsburg University, graduating with Bachelors Degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management. After college Kristin landed various internships, leading her to secure a management position at a well known restaurant in the area. While the hospitality industry will always have her heart, she realized that the lifestyle and extensive hours were not conducive to a balanced living. Unsure of where to go next, she applied to various marketing positions, soon accepting a job at an advertising and marketing firm in King of Prussia. She learned the ins and outs of how to effectively run a business, leadership skills and team development; things she excelled at. After 3 successful years at the firm, she was asked to join the team of a recently launched company in the energy industry. Kristin quickly moved from National Account Manager to Director of Commercial Sales. She led the sales team, created partnerships for the company, and helped develop the department. The ever-evolving energy industry brought challenging yet rewarding experiences to each week. Unfortunately, Kristin also experienced issues of unequal pay and sexism in this particular company. Knowing the value of her experience in the industry, she left and co-found Energetek.

When she is not working, Kristin enjoys trash reality tv, cooking, and spending time with her daughter Lilly. If you ever want to grab a quick bite with her, you can easily bribe her with wings.