Energetek is committed to bettering the planet.

We want to do our part to positively change and impact the environment, while encouraging fellow businesses to do the same. Being sustainable and eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean making large life changing commitments, but instead focusing first in your personal life to change habits that are not environmentally friendly. Great change comes with consistency; positive habitual changes make for a better life. As the owners of Energetek, we are committed to start the green wave and encourage others to ride it with us.

– Eva Gerrits & Kristin DeBias

Energetek gets involved.

Caring is cool. See what is important to us.


Trash has unfortunately become part of the landscape, whether you’re in a city or rural area. Most people grew up learning to clean up after themselves, so where did the importance of this lesson go? We believe in taking care of the world around us and anything less is unacceptable. Energetek does not believe in laziness in our work or with our environment. This means that as a company we will actively pick up, properly throw away, and restore nature as it should be. Energetek will focus first in two areas: where we live and where we work. Littering isn’t cool, it’s cool to care, and this is where we begin.


Take a minute and think about the plastic you use in just one day. There are over 7 billion people on this earth and most of them are using around the same amount of plastic in one day as you are. Now make that weeks, months, and years. According to the WWF the lifecycle of a plastic water bottle is 450 years, add another 50 years and you now know the lifetime of disposable diapers. To put a realistic timeframe on changing the human habit of plastic use is almost impossible to determine. Plastic has become part of everyday life, which means minimizing a person’s plastic use has to be a habitual change; habitual changes are the most challenging. Is it human laziness, or is it this generalized idea someone else will be the one to change, not us? This isn’t good enough for Energetek, so we decided that part of our Sustain Campaign will be to change our habits, share the hard but obvious harms of plastic, and encourage others to take at least one step in changing part of their plastic routine.


Every action has a negative or positive reaction. With excess pollution in both the air and water, our wildlife is paying the price for humanity’s actions. We have all seen the videos of sea turtles caught in plastic bags, birds covered in crude oil, or sharks found with plastic cups in their stomachs. With Waste Management reporting only a 1% recycling return for plastic bags, we know we could do better. Fish consume thousands of tons of plastic a year, making it a part of the diet for larger marine animals as we move up the food chain. Runoff pollution from chemical dumping has had a direct effect on the sea otter species as well as other marine life. Speaking openly about cleaning up our environment is only the first step. If we all just simply cleaned up after ourselves and utilized biodegradable products not only would the world be a better place; it would save lives. Protecting wildlife starts with cleaning up waste, recycling properly, and all around awareness; we will be part of this change.