Creating a work-life balance is key to a happy career, but what about improving your daily work routine? Even if you love your job (I hope you do) changing little things to your routine or environment can really improve your mood and energy. Here are 4 tips to boost your work day, without loosing productivity.

  1. Lunch Date – If you can go out to eat either by yourself or with coworkers, take advantage! Doesn’t need to be everyday or even every week, but make it a point to lunch date out-of-office because a change of scenery can get your brain back on track.
  2. Workspace Revamp – Just like cleaning out and organizing your car, you’ll get the same mood booster from an office/desk makeover. Grab the Clorox, finally recycle those papers you don’t need, and buy an indoor plant. Trust me you’ll feel great and want to continue your productive streak.
  3. Coffee Stop – This is quick and easy and who doesn’t like a coffee or tea break? Find a place near work you like and stop there in the morning or break time and grab your fav pick me up drink. Bring along a coworker too because stepping out with a friend for 10 mins really changes up your mood.
  4. Meeting Change Up – Just like lunch and a coffee break can do wonders from a change in scenery, imagine the mood boost of changing an in-office meeting to out? If you can, when you can, choose to host company meetings at a restaurant, coffee shop, or even just outside.