Kristin the Vampire Slayer

Bring garlic. Just kidding. But really though, anyone in sales definitely knows what I am referring to. It’s that prospect that keeps stringing you along like a bad bumble date. It was love at first pitch. You thought in your head “they are DEFINITELY going for this”. They ask you questions, you make lighthearted conversation; all seems right in the world…until you follow up. Crickets. “But why?! They were so into it, we talked about sports and they were giving me buying signs. Where did I go wrong?” you say to yourself. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you just got bit by a time vampire.

Time vampires are personable, engaging and usually just genuinely like talking to people. I don’t think they do this intentionally at all. Most of the time, I just think they’re bored. They also don’t understand how sales work. In the world of sales, time is money. When you spend a lot of your time with the wrong prospect that is where you are losing money. It is up to you to recognize who is worth your time and who might be wasting it. So how do you spot a time vampire?

  1. Questions: What type of questions are they asking? Are they asking personal questions or are they asking in-depth questions about the product/service. I have found, that the smartest business person ALWAYS asks deeper questions about whatever it is you are selling. If they are asking you about what you think of Bryce Harper’s season so far, they might just want someone to talk to. 
  2. The “push-off”: Do they keep pushing your next meeting to the next week because they are so busy? Maybe they really are and that’s great, that means their business is doing well. BUT maybe they are just too nice to say they aren’t interested. Like I said before, in the world of sales, time is money. This is the reason that I have A LOT of respect for people that just tell me flat out that they aren’t interested. 
  3. Unanswered emails/calls: They just aren’t that into you. 
  4. Information sharing: Have they given you a valuable piece of information that will inevitably give you insight, like a bill or invoice? Without them giving you anything tangible, they are not invested in anything you are bringing forward. Actions speak louder than words. 
  5. Can you help them?: Sounds simple. Before you invest time into a prospect, really ask yourself if what you have can really help them, Because they are asking themselves the same question. 

And there you have it. Be wise with your time because like Ben Franklin said, time is money. Any other vampire questions? Consult Buffy. 

 Written by Kristin DeBias