The Power Move

1204, 2019

Brown Eye Care

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A New Definition to Visionary There is something to be said about pioneers in the medical field. It is regarded as the field with the best and the brightest; the upper echelon of [...]

603, 2019

The Startup Life: A New Reality Show

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Startup Idealism It's 7pm on a Saturday night. I find myself picking at a cheese spread I made while I sip my finely aged wine that I acquired last summer in Napa on [...]

2602, 2019

The Hard Truth: You Can’t be Good at Everything

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Why Your Business Benefits with a Broker Let's set the scene... Situation 1- Congratulations! You're a new business owner, but it's not just you; you have two other partners. You're all getting along [...]

202, 2019

Fresh-faced and Energetek: How 2 Women are Giving the Energy World a New Image

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The Power Move: An Interview with the Co-Founders I had the pleasure of sitting down with the owners of Energetek; the women-owned, Philly startup that is taking the energy world by storm. They [...]